About IT


The Information Technology Mission Statement

We support and enhance the values of a liberal arts education with the seamless integration of technology into the operations, instruction and other endeavors through collaboration and partnerships with all enterprises of the College and its community.

The Information Technology department is committed to challenging itself with more ambitious goals, identifying metrics that move our department forward, and furthering the college’s strategic plans.

IT strives to:

  • Continuously improve and enhance the student experience while supporting our superb liberal arts education.
  • Increase institutional influence for Lewis & Clark
  • Provide leadership for our evolving technology and resource landscape while seeking operational efficiencies and effective stewardship.
  • Assist in addressing institutional financial pressures as they pertain to enrollment, operational planning, and fundraising.
  • Encourage and support innovative technology solutions that have transformational potential.

Our work is done within the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework. A system that addresses transparency, collaboration and accountability. As part of the transparency goal we are excited to share our work publicly.

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