The following resources address common technology issues encountered by new faculty, staff and students at Lewis & Clark College.

In order to view help sheets saved in PDF format, Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer. If you do not have Reader you can download it by clicking here and then selecting the appropriate operating system for your computer. Please be sure to read the system requirements prior to downloading and installing Reader as instructions differ from system to system.

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L&C Account

Account Creation - Step by Step Guide
Account Format Change FAQ

Google Helpsheets

Visit our G Suite Resources Page


Colleague FAQ
Download Files from Colleague
Introduction to Informer
Upload Files to Colleague

General Topics

Optimizing Images for the Web
Symantec Anti-Virus - How to Install
Tips for Backup
WebAdvisor - Troubleshooting
Zoom Videoconferencing Knowledge Base (more below)


Access J-Drive Remotely Using a Mac
Access J-Drive Remotely Using a PC
LCfiles - Connecting with Mac OS X


Microsoft Office Home User Installation


Visit our Moodle Resources Page


For in-depth phone support, please visit the Telecommunications page.


FTP - Fetch
Security - General Safety Tips
Security - Mobile Device Safety
How To: Connect to GlobalProtect VPN
WebDisk - Getting Started
WebDisk - Mounting on Your Computer
WebDisk - Sharing Files and Folders
Wireless - Connecting
Wireless - Printing

Thunderbird and Other E-mail

Thunderbird - Address Books
Thunderbird - Archiving Email
Thunderbird - Creating Multiple Identities
Thunderbird - Getting Started
Thunderbird - Multiple Accounts
Thunderbird - Signatures

Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom Online Training and Support
Zoom Video Conferencing Knowledge Base
Zoom Video Conferencing Quick Start Guide

Zoom 101 : In Meeting Controls (Basic)
Tips and Tricks for Educators on Zoom
Comprehensive Guide to Educating Through Zoom

Zoom Security Tips