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Moodle is LC’s full featured learning management system (LMS) administered and supported by the Educational Technology group in IT. The EdTech team offers training and consults on course design. Sign up for one of our appointment slots.

For assistance logging into Moodle contact us at or call the IT Service Desk 503-768-7225.

Moodle Updates for the 2020-21 Academic Year

Start of Term
New to Moodle
Class Management & Gradebook
Interactive Activities
Tips & Tricks for Students

Current Top 5 Moodle FAQs

Start of Term

  • Looking to reuse content from a prior term course? Here are the instructions for the import feature. (Helpsheet)
  • Moodle courses are initially hidden from students to give you time to add and format your course. Make Your Course Visible (HelpsheetVideo) when you are ready for students to access your page.
  • Students will always see grades on graded activities such as assignments and quizzes. However, the Moodle gradebook is hidden by default. Here are instructions for making your gradebook visible to students. Show/Hide Your Gradebook (Helpsheet)

New to Moodle? Here’s help getting started

Moodle HQ has several overview videos that describe the most recent features in Moodle and how faculty can use them effectively. For the 2021-22 academic year we are running version 3.11. You may also want to check out Moodle HQ’s comprehensive video tutorials.

Class Management & Gradebook

  • See what classes look like from a student’s view: Switch Role & Grades
  • Need to add an auditor or TA? See Enrollment Options for teachers (Helpsheet)
  • View Course Participants to see enrolled students and when they last accessed the site (Helpsheet)
  • Show the Gradebook to Students (Helpsheet)
  • Hide the Moodle Gradebook (Helpsheet)
  • Gradebook Overview (Video - Moodle HQ)

Interactive Activities in Moodle


  • Assignment Quick Guide (
  • A Moodle Demo Course demonstrating assignment submission methods.
  • Guide for matching assignment submissions settings to your instructional goal (
  • Record audio or video feedback in Moodle (Video - Moodle HQ)
  • Planning on using Moodle PDF annotation for grading? Plan on commenting using Word’s Track Changes feature? Use the file type selection (video) feature in Moodle to require a specific format for file uploads. 

Discussion Forums


  • Moodle Quick Quiz Guide (
  • Need to make an accommodation for a student who had a technical difficulty, needs an alternate time, or extra time? You can set up individual exam settings for students with the User Override feature.

Resources for Corporate & Continuing Education Students

Tips and Tricks for Students

  • Moodle FAQ for Students (Helpsheet)
  • Your Moodle Dashboard (
  • Editing Your Moodle User Profile (Video)
  • Manage Moodle Notifications (Helpsheet)
  • Download or convert Google Docs to PDF and other formats (Google Help)
  • Guide for Submitting assignments as PDFs from Chemistry Department (Google Doc)


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