Educational Technology

Partner • Advocate • Innovate

Educational Technology partners with the campus community to advocate the innovative and thoughtful use of technology in teaching, learning, and research at Lewis & Clark. We actively support LC’s most popular platforms for online teaching: Moodle, Zoom, and Google Workplace.  We are available by appointment or you can contact us by email. In 2023-24, we’re actively exploring the uses of generative AI in teaching and research, digital social annotation tools such as Hypothesis, custom open-source microelectronics builds for research and instruction, and reimagining our Specialty Printing Center. 

We continue to look for opportunities to connect with students and faculty in incorporating video and other media projects into their teaching and research, innovating with virtual and augmented reality, 3D modeling and printing, and open-source electronics.

Something else you’d like to try? We have a small pool of funds for educational apps and tech and we’d love to hear from you.


EdTech Group Photo