EdTech Projects

In additional to our routine service and support for Educational Technology, we have some larger projects in the pipeline that may be of interest to our campus community. Read about the details below, and be sure to check back frequently, as we will continually update this page with our new projects!

Drone Mapping Proof of Concept Project (Photogrammetry) - 2018-19

IT student employee Keegan Millbern (’18) has worked with Educational Technology staff on developing accurate 3D models of buildings on campus. These could have a variety of applications including Virtual Campus Tours and Facilities Diagrams. The process for creating these models involves capturing the buildings with several hundreds of photographs and using the software Agisoft Photoscan in a photo-string-like process to generate the geometry of the building. The photos are captured using both ground photography from basic DSLR cameras and Drone Photography. The workflow process itself has a lot nuances and intricacies that make the process difficult, but overall quite rewarding.

Flipping Instruction with LightBoard Videos (Fall 2018)

Picture of Lightboard Camera Set-up  






A Teacher Education student recorded several lectures during Fall 2018 to use in flipping classroom instruction after learning about our LightBoard and recording studio at a Demo Event in March 2018.

3D Printed Coding Blocks (Summer 2018)

Educational Technology worked with the Rogers Research team to use 3D technology to design and print custom coding blocks to use as part of their Teach Kids Coding Concepts project. 

Immersive 360 Digital Storytelling (Spring 2018)

Sabrina Cerquera '20 As part of the Spring 2018 workshop “Virtual Reality: Immersive 360 Storytelling,” Cerquera created a short film “A Day in the Life.” In the form of a letter to a distant friend. The film follows Cerquera as she sits in class, cooks dinner, and goes to a concert, while a voiceover tells the story of her semester. “Before this workshop, I didn’t associate VR with storytelling,” Cerquera said. “The workshop definitely opened it up for me. It was the first time I had the space to do something artistic, and it introduced me to all of these intersections between art and technology. I feel like the workshop really helped me get involved with something that’s a growing community here in Portland, and I’m hoping to take advantage of that in the future.”

Virtual Reality Live Demos (Fall 2017 - ongoing)

VR demo for math faculty  Educational Technology has enlisted the assistance of several student workers as partners in the promotion and demonstration of our virtual reality systems. During the 2017-18 academic year, Shelby Ziccardi (’18, CS/MT) assisted with hosting VR demo days, as well as presenting VR workshops for departments, including a CalcFlow demo for the Mathematical Sciences department. Educational Technology continues to engage our student workers as we explore the interactions of VR and education. Keep an eye on our calendar as we take our VR demos to various departments and events around campus!

Laser Engraver Build Project (Summer 2017)

Educational Technology worked with a student worker to explore the potential of laser engraving at Lewis & Clark though a DIY laser engraver project to execute in-house. The project budget was $500 and the goals included:

  • to building a functional laser engraver that could be used without an expensive ventilation system

  • save money

  • build professional staff and student employee skills in design, 3D printing, robotics, and electronics

We ended up with a functional prototype which was demonstrated at the 2017 Faculty Technology Showcase. We were very pleased with the significant technical skills and expertise developed by the team.