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2021 Faculty Technology Showcase - A Call for Presenters!

The Faculty Technology Showcase returns as an in-person event, scheduled for December 9th, 2021, and we’re looking for presenters.

Updated EdTech Resource Pages

Looking for help? Find answers to the most asked questions here.

Zoom adds Pronouns field

Zoom recently added the option to share your pronouns as part of your user profile to it’s functionality.

EdTech News Updates, August edition

Here’s a rundown of EdTech news worth revisiting in August.

Zoom Updates Required for Fall 2021

Learn more about the minimum required Zoom version and other Zoom updates.

Google Calendar Adds Hybrid Attendance Option

A new RSVP option is now available in Google Calendar. 

Computer Replacement Update and FAQ

Do you have questions about updates to classroom or your office computer or about the computer replacement process in general? IT can help answer your questions. 

Moodle Chosen Name changes

In accordance with the College’s policy to use a person’s chosen name to the greatest extent practicable, we have updated how Moodle manages display name information for LC accounts. Moodle will now update your LC account name information on each login.

Display name updates within Moodle will no longer be possible. Instead, please refer to the Chosen Name FAQ for information on how to update your display name.