Information Technology

  • Twitter profile imagelclarkit: RT @victornilo: 💡😍 Sharing some of the keyboard shortcuts that have been useful to me when I hold my online classes. May I also ask what ke…
  • Twitter profile imagelclarkit: “Simply right-click on the window that has your face on it, and click “Hide Self-View” or “Hide Myself.” (Thanks to @DrDianaLeonard for enlightening us as to why it may not be good for us to stare at our own reflection during a meeting.)
  • Twitter profile imagelclarkit: “One way to make working remote more seamless is to forward your office phone to your external number…This process is a little involved but it can be completed from home.”

System Status

  • All systems are up and functioning.

  • Beginning Monday, November 30th the IT Service Desk will transition back to providing support remotely. Although access to the physical Service Desk will be closed, we will continue to assist you while offsite.

    If you need assistance you may call us at 503-768-7225 and leave a message. You can also send an email to Our team is ready to support you should you have a request or technical issue.

    Equipment checkout has been suspended for the remainder of the fall but will resume again on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

    The Resource Lab will resume service on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

  • Apple has recently released their new computer operating system called Big Sur. Until we’ve had a chance to run the new OS through our vetting process, we would strongly encourage you to hold off upgrading your computers for the time being. We will let you know once we feel confident that our network, tools and software will work properly with Big Sur.

  • Chat support is now available. Click here for more details.