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Information Technology

Faculty Technology Institute

May 19 - 23, 2014  

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Join us for this year’s Faculty Technology Institute - a fun filled week dedicated to exploring technology you can use.  We have set our tracks for 2014 and have a mix of workshops geared for all levels of interest.  For a quick overview, check out the daily schedule.

Workshops are organized in four tracks - Everyday Essentials, The Online Classroom, Teaching with Technology, and Looking Ahead.  Below is an overview of sessions by track.  Specific dates and times are on the daily schedule. There’s no need to stick to a particular track.  We encourage participants to mix and match workshops to create a schedule suited to their specific needs and interests.

Track 1 - Everyday Essentials

Sessions in this track focus on a wide range of technology you use regularly both in and out of the classroom.  

  • Beyond the Presentation
  • Communicating with Students
  • Creating a Professional Online Identity
  • Goodbye Dropbox, Hello Google Drive!
  • Google Groups
  • Grading using Mobile Devices
  • Tablet Face-Off!

Quick Bytes (20 minute mini-sessions):
Google Drive Gems:  Google Drive App Overview, Get Organized with Google Drive, Google Docs and Sheets Add-ins

LC Tools for Faculty: WebAdvisor, Live Whale Profiles, GradeKeeper

Track 2 - The Online Classroom 

Previously the Moodle track, this year we decided to focus our second track on the online classroom, regardless of the platform.  Since the class web page is often the starting point for online interactions with your class, we will have hands-on sessions that focus on building class websites in Moodle or Google Sites.  Other sessions will focus on designing online activities no matter the publishing tool.  

Quick Bytes (20 minute mini-sessions)
The Online Classroom: Welcoming Students Online, Making the Online Classroom Accessible, Speech to Transcript

Student Work Online:  Collecting Student Work in Google, Collecting Student Work in Moodle, Tracking Students Online


Track 3 - Teaching with Technology

The physical classroom is still very much part of what we do at Lewis & Clark.  In this track we focus on thoughtful incorporation of digital and visual literacy into your curriculum as well as specific technology you can use in the classroom or for digital assignments. 

Quick Bytes (20 minute mini-sessions)
Student Projects with Mobile:  We’ll show off three examplesTablets in the Classroom:  We’ll show off three of our favorite Instructor Apps.

Track 4 - Looking Forward

In our final track, we’ll take a look at emerging technology and trends we expect to change what we do in the future.  

  • Badging and Gamification
  • Enriching your course with material from the digital world
  • Introduction to 3D Printing
  • Remote Class Participation
  • Resource Lab Workshop
  • Social Media for Documentation and Commentary
  • Wrangling Student Devices

Quick Bytes (20 minute mini-sessions)

Powerpoint Alternatives - Check out three of our favorite alternatives to PowerPoint!

Emerging Trends: Augmented Reality, Learning Analytics and Virtual Assistants

Afternoon Sessions 

Why Games?
The Classroom of the Future
Wearable Technology and the Quantifiable Self
Learning Analytics and Big Data

Don’t see something you’re interested in learning more about?  Contact Miranda Carney-Morris at or 503-768-7220.