EdTech Workshop Videos

Below are links to recordings from the 2020 Faculty Technology Institute sessions and Summer 2020 EdTech workshops for online and hybrid teaching. Contact us if you have follow up questions or would like to schedule a practice session! 

Zoom recordings are password protected all with the same password. If you are having trouble accessing the videos, please contact us at edtech@lclark.edu.

Moodle Topics

We describe Moodle as easy but not intuitive - we encourage you to contact us at edtech@lclark.edu if a solution for what you want to do in Moodle doesn’t seem obvious. Check out our Moodle Resources section for additional topics. Moodle HQ’s Learn Moodle Basics video series has short 2-4 minute overviews of most Moodle features.

Basics of Learning Management Systems / Moodle

Collecting Work in Moodle

Effective Discussion Forums

Rating Discussion Forums

Track and Guide Student Progress in Moodle

Zoom Topics

Zoom is our online teaching platform for the 2020-21 academic year. All faculty including adjuncts will have an individual Zoom account to use for teaching classes and connecting with students outside of class. Check out our Zoom Resources page for additional help on Zoom.

Zoom Q&A

Screencasting With Zoom

Zoom, Google Meet, and Appointment  Slots


Lewis & Clark utilizes Google’s G Suite of applications. These core services include Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Hangouts, Groups, Jamboard, and Classroom. Unlike the public Google Apps, G Suite core services contain no ads or advertising and are fully compliant with COPPA and FERPA privacy guidelines. Check out our Google Resources page for additional help on G-Suite.

Google Add-Ons

Online Exams with Google Forms

Student Assignments in Google Classroom

Other Topics (2020 Faculty Technology Institute)



Rstudio-ggplot Part 1

Rstudio-ggplot Part 2

Survey 123

Watzek Library Session


Online  Assessments

Intro to Podcasting

Recording Voiceovers

Self-Gided Slidedecks

Student Experience Panel

Video Editing Basics

Video Options at LC—2020

Virtual Whiteboards

VPN - Globalprotect

Digital Storytelling

Home Studio on the Cheap

Online Communities

Panel Session—Equity Online

Handwritten Work Online