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Lab Printing

Printers are available for students, staff and faculty use in Dubach Lab, Watzek Lab and the Grad Lab.

Lewis & Clark utilizes a “Pay for Print” system. This system is in place solely to encourage responsible printing in the interest of the environment. IT does not profit from the Pay for Print system.

IT recognizes and follows the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Calendar. Student printing accounts of every enrolled Undergraduate and Graduate student at Lewis & Clark are set to 650 pages prior to the start of Fall semester and set to 250 pages prior to the start of Summer semester each year. Page balances will be set no sooner than one week prior to the start the semester.

Additional prints may be purchased at a rate of $0.06 per sheet. Purchases may be made online 24/7 and the Student Account Services’ Office in Templeton. They are open Weekdays from 8:30am-4pm. On the fourth working day of the month, they are open at 1pm.

Duplexing, printing on both sides of one sheet, counts as one sheet of paper. For example, if you duplex print a 100 page document, you will only be charged 50 sheets. You may duplex print from any lab listed above. Duplexing is a great way to conserve your print balance and help reduce paper waste.

Color printing is available in Watzek Lab. Color printing bears greater costs for IT. Each sheet printing through the color printer deducts 6 sheets from your print balance. If you print ten sheets, you will be charged 60 sheets. Please be conscious of what you print in color as you may see your print balance vanish rapidly.

For fancier color printing options, visit the Resource Lab.

For quick reference, please consult the following chart.

Printer Location
Watzek Library Lab
Duplexing (double-sided) and color. Letter sized and plain paper only.
Dubach Class Labs
Duplexing (double-sided). Letter sized and plain paper only.
Various sizes, large format and color printing.
Grad Lab
Duplexing (double-sided). Letter sized and plain paper only.


The printers on campus are, unfortunately, not perfect. On occasion you may not be satisfied with the quality of your print. You are welcome to request a credit. Forms are available at the IT Service Desk, or you can submit a form online. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about your available print balance, please free to contact the Lab Manager.

  • All systems are up and functioning.

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  • Apple has recently released their new operating system for iMacs called Catalina  Until we’ve had a chance to run the new OS through our vetting process, we would strongly encourage you to hold off upgrading your computers for the time being.  We will let you know once we feel confident that our network, tools and software will work properly with Catalina. 
  • The Information Technology Service Desk is open from 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday thru Friday except holidays.

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  • Departmental printing is now being handled by the Lewis & Clark Print Center.  The Print Center is happy to take care of your print requests!  Give them a call at x7768 for assistance.

  • Chat support is now available. Click here for more details.

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