February 12, 2024

Zoom Changes - SSO & Account Provisioning

Starting this spring, IT will integrate Single Sign On (SSO) and Zoom. This process will also automatically provision Zoom licenses to Lewis & Clark accounts logging into Zoom for the first time. Staff and faculty employees will get Pro Zoom licenses, students will receive basic licenses with the option to request a Pro license.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

In order to make Zoom more accessible, IT will be configuring Zoom for SSO. SSO allows you to use your LC Credentials to access Email, Zoom, and many other services using a single username (LC##-####) and password.

Account provisioning

Faculty and staff will receive Zoom Pro accounts, while students will receive basic Zoom licenses. These Zoom accounts will be tied to your LC account and will be managed by IT. Students can request to upgrade to a Zoom pro license by submitting a request to itservice@lclark.edu. Faculty can also request Zoom pro licenses for all students in their class(es) by emailing itservice@lclark.edu. In most cases, a basic account is all students should need since only the meeting host needs a Zoom Pro licensed account to run a meeting with more than 100 participants or beyond 40 minutes. However, when needed, students who request a license are highly likely to be granted a pro license for the academic year. Students will be provisioned Pro licenses on a rolling basis and will revert back to basic accounts on August 15th every year.

Existing Zoom Users

Once SSO is enabled, all Zoom accounts that use an @lclark.edu email address will be transitioned into the LC umbrella. Personal Zoom accounts that DO NOT use a LC email address will be unchanged. Departmental or other non-individual accounts that have a Zoom license will continue with Zoom Pro licenses.

Alumni accounts will be deleted on a recurring annual basis. Former employees, including emeriti faculty and staff will be deprovisioned from their Zoom Pro license this spring. Future former employees will be deprovisioned on a rolling basis.

Learn more at our Zoom Account Provisioning webpage.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to itservice@lclark.edu.