October 04, 2023

Freshservice - New IT Ticketing System

We’re excited to introduce our new IT ticketing system! Freshservice by Freshworks is a modern service management platform aimed at streamlining and enhancing how we handle technical requests and IT support inquiries on campus. In the coming days you will begin seeing Freshservice emails from ITService@lclark.edu

While this implementation brings changes to our backend and workflow, you can continue to submit requests via email, phone, or by stopping at our friendly Service Desk between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

As a requester, you will largely notice these changes through email communications you receive when you create a ticket, receive follow ups, and receive a resolution email. The system is designed to provide transparency and consistency in our interactions with you as we work on your request or issue. Learn more about this transparency and consistency in the “Emails from Freshservice” section on our Freshservice page.

With Freshservice community members can easily submit service requests via email, phone, or in-person visits to the Service Desk in Watzek Library. To learn more about Freshservice and submission methods, please visit our Freshservice page.

Please continue to practice good cybersecurity skills and verify that IT Service Desk messages you receive are from itservice@lclark.edu. IT Service Desk ticket messages will include links referencing our Freshservice provider and will resemble the sample below:

Freshservice Link details with red mark up