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Below is software available on Macintosh classroom computers managed by Information Technology as of Spring 2016. Classroom machines include a Windows virtual image. Where possible, we install the same software on both the Mac and Windows images.

Software will be updated over the summer an this list updated prior to the start of the Fall 2016 term. Currently, we plan to upgrade to SPSS 24, Stata 14 and MIcrosoft Office 2016. If you have questions about software installed in departmental labs or a specific classroom, please contact us at

Title Vers.
Adobe Reader 11.0.12
Aquamacs 2.5
Audacity  2.0.3
CGoban 3.0
EZ-Analyze Excel Plug-in  3
Finale 2012 2012c.r13
Firefox 44
Garritan ARIA Player (Mac Lab)  
Google Chrome 52.0.2743.116
Google Earth 7.1
IBM SPSS Statistics 22
Jing 2.673868
Mathematica 10
Microsoft Office 2011
OIV (ArtStor Viewer) 3.1.3
Online Sheet Music Viewer  1.5.15
QGIS  2.4.0
R 3.0.1
Sibelius 6.2.0
Stata/IC 12.1
TeX 1.17
TeXShop 3.36.1
Turning Point 5.2.1
VLC 2.0.7
Zotero 4.0.9

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Information Technology

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