Wireless Printing

You now have the ability to print from your laptops when connected to the L&C Network to the following lab printers:

  • Watzek Wireless Printer
    (located on the second floor of Watzek Library in the main computer lab)
  • Dubach Wireless Printer
    (located in the Dubach Mac Lab)

Initially, you will need to configure the desired printer on your laptop, following the instructions below.

Once set up, printing wirelessly is a two-part process.  First, you send the document to the desired wireless printer.  The print job is saved in a queue on your computer.  Multiple jobs may be saved to this queue.  Second, from the computer where the document was sent, you must go to https://pcounter.lclark.edu/PcounterWebClient/, login and release the desired document to the printer.  It will now be printed and the appropriate pages deducted from your print balance

NOTE: Wireless printing is only accessible when your laptop is connected to the Lewis & Clark College’s network LC Secure. For assistance getting connected see https://www.lclark.edu/information_technology/gethelp/wireless_residence_halls.php

First-time users should use the instructions below to install a wireless printer. 

Wireless printing on Macs

  1. Search for “Printers” Spotlight and open “Printers & Scanners”
  2. Click the plus button under the box labeled “Printers” on the left
  3.  In the popup window, click the tab labeled “IP”
  4. Fill out the fields as follows
    1. Address: lc-labs-02

    2. Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD

    3. Queue: Watzek_Wireless or Dubach_Wireless

    4. Name and Location should be named something like Dubach/Watzek wireless

    5. Use: Generic PostScript Printer OR download and install the Xerox 5550 laser printer drivers and use those (though Generic is easier and will do a fine job)

Wireless printing on Windows 10

  1. Connect to LC Secure
  2. From your Windows toolbar, press the Windows Icon and navigate to your settings. From your settings, select Devices, and Printers and Scanners.
  3. Select Add a printer or scanner, and The printer that I wanted isn’t listed
  4. Select Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname and then select Next
    1. Device type = TCP/IP Device
    2. Hostname or IP address = lc-labs-02
    3. Portname = Watzek_Wireless
    4. Do not check “Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use”

** It will take a few moments for your computer to detect the correct TCP/IP ports

  1. Select custom. Then click the Settings button.
  2. In the Settings window, under Protocol, select LPR. For the Queue Name, enter the queue name of the printer to which you wish to connect. Then Click OK and next.
  3. Now you will see a list of printers with a list of drivers
    1. Select Windows Update and wait for the list to refresh
  4. Once refreshed select Generic, and then MS Publisher Color Printer
  5. Name the printer Watzek Wireless
  6. When asked about printer sharing, do not share the printer
  7. Print your document to the printer you just created

Releasing your print job on Windows or Mac:

  1. Visit https://pcounter.lclark.edu/PcounterWebClient/ on a web browser that is not Chrome (Safari/Firefox)
  2. Sign in with your LCLARK credentials
  3. Release print job
  4. Go to printer
  5. Get printed document
  6. Proceed to do a happy dance