Wireless Printing for Watzek Computer Lab

You now have the ability to print from your laptops when connected to the L&C Network to the following lab printer:

  • Watzek Wireless Printer
    (located on the second floor of Watzek Library in the main computer lab)

Initially, you will need to follow the instructions below or refer to the detailed visual guide to configure the printer on your laptop.

Once set up, printing wirelessly is a two-part process. 

  1. Print as normal and select the Watzek Wireless printer. The print job is saved in a queue on your computer.  Multiple jobs may be saved to this queue. 
  2. From the computer where the document was sent, go to https://pcounter.lclark.edu/PcounterWebClient/, login and release the desired document to the printer.  It will now be printed and the appropriate pages deducted from your print balance

NOTE: Wireless printing is only accessible when your laptop is connected to the PioNet network or through L&C’s VPN (gp.lclark.edu). Step-by-step instructions are available for connecting to PioNet. 

Installation Instructions 

You can utilize the text guide below to install the wireless printer on your computer and learn how to release the print job. Additionally, you can reference the detailed visual guide to see step by step instructions on adding the wireless printer.