Personal Leave of Absence

Purpose: To provide regular administrative and support staff with unpaid leave of absence when justified by compelling personal circumstances.

Policy Statement: The college expects its employees to attend to personal matters outside of working hours or while on vacation. However, personal circumstances may necessitate an absence from work that extends beyond paid vacation leave. Employees may request an unpaid leave of absence not to exceed six months, which is subject to approval by the employee's supervisor in consultation with the Director of Human Resources.


1. Staff who wish to request a personal leave of absence must make a request in writing to the supervisor as soon as the need for personal leave is known.

2. The supervisor should document the personal leave on a Personnel Action Form and should attach the employee's request to the form.

3. The supervisor, in consultation with the Director of Human Resources, may choose to approve or deny the request for personal leave.

4. If there is a need to extend the personal leave beyond the original time approved, the employee must make a written request for an extension, and the extension is subject to approval by the supervisor and the Director of Human Resources.

5. Personal leaves of absence will not exceed a combined total of 6 months for any specific personal circumstance. Should an unrelated situation arise in the future, another 6 month maximum may be established. If the employee does not return to work at the end of approved leave, employment will be terminated.

6. Employees on an unpaid personal leave of absence may continue medical and dental insurance for up to three months by paying the full premium. COBRA continuation may be elected after the 3 months. Refer to the COBRA policy for more information. Group life and long-term disability coverage will continue up to 12 months during approved personal leaves. The employee is responsible for premium payments for any voluntary coverage. All other benefits will cease for the duration of the leave.

7. Upon returning, employees will be returned to the original position if the job is available and the employees are able to perform the job. A collective bargaining agreement may supercede this procedure.

Approved by the Executive Council, June 24, 1992.