Work at Home Guidelines for Supervisors

Supervisors should consider the following guidelines as they review the work-at-home alternative for a particular position or employee.

About the employee:

  • Is the employee self-motivated, results-oriented and comfortable setting priorities and deadlines?
  • Is the employee able to work independently with minimal supervision?
  • Has the employee been successful in their current position?
  • Are they familiar with the organization's procedures?
  • Are they an effective communicator who takes initiative?
  • Are they adaptable to change?
  • Do they have strong time management and organizational skills?
  • Do they have strong computer skills?
  • Do they have a home situation conducive to work-at-home?
  • Are they a person who has a strong need to be visible in the organization and needs frequent social interaction?

About the job and the department:

  • Does this arrangement better serve our customers?
  • How does this affect the interaction with co-workers and other College employees?
  • Is this job well suited for such an arrangement?
  • Is there budget money for the additional equipment and work-at-home costs?
  • Will the employee working at home be easily accessible to the LC community?

1. Supervisors who consider this arrangement should ensure that their department is adequately covered and customer service is fully functioning for the entire regular business day.

2. Departments entering into this arrangement must maintain or increase service levels to their constituents.

3. Employees entering into this agreement must maintain or increase personal productivity levels. The supervisor should set clear and measurable objectives and judge the employee's performance based on the results and not the time spent accomplishing the results.

4. Work-at-home arrangements should be customized based on the College's and the department's needs, the employee's "customers" needs and the employee's need for flexibility. It is imperative to carefully consider who the customer is. Arrangements could be 1 day per week or every day of the week (except for department meetings and other on-campus events) or anything in between.

5. Interdependence of tasks within a department and with other departments must be considered.

  • This arrangement is a privilege (not a right).
  • Each work-at-home arrangement should be implemented on a trial basis, with a clearly defined communication plan and measurable expectations and goals so that results can be measured.
  • Human Resources is available to consult with supervisors who are considering an employee's proposal for a flexible schedule.
  • The work-at-home arrangement must be spelled out in a written agreement. The agreement should be prepared with the Director of Human Resources.
Approved by the Executive Council, April 25, 2001.