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Vacation for Exempt Administrative Staff

Purpose: To provide administrative staff with paid time off for rest and relaxation or to attend to personal circumstances that necessitate an absence from work.

Policy Statement: The College believes that periodic breaks from work benefit the health and well being of its employees. Benefit eligible exempt administrative staff accrue and report vacation usage on a monthly basis. Vacation accruals are a vested benefit; terminating employees will have accrued but unused vacation paid out in the final paycheck.


  1. Full-time administrative staff accrue vacation with pay at the rate of two days per month for every month worked. Maximum vacation accrual is 24 days. The College encourages employees to take vacation during the academic year (September 1 to August 31) in which it is accrued. Employees may use the amount of vacation time accrued during the current academic year. The employee can access any unused vacation from the prior academic year to bring them up to the 24 day maximum. The maximum accrued vacation that can be carried over into a new academic year is 24 days. Upon separation from the College, the College will pay out a maximum of 24 days unused vacation.
  2. Part-time administrative staff accrue prorated vacation based on the number of hours regularly scheduled to work compared to the 37.5 hour-per-week normal full time schedule. The maximum accrual is also prorated.
  3. Vacation only accrues in those months in which an employee received compensation for at least two weeks of work.
  4. Vacation use must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor, taking into consideration the needs of the department and vacation requests made by other employees in the department. If a number of employees request the same vacation time, the supervisor makes the final decision.
  5. If an exempt employee is required on a recurring basis to work substantially more hours than would typically be required for his/her position, an afternoon or a day off with pay may be granted at the discretion of his/her supervisor. Supervisors are cautioned to treat each situation with a reasonable level of consistency.
  6. Vacation may not be taken in advance of earning it.
  7. The College must have accurate and up-to-date leave accrual balances for all employees to maintain compliance with Federal and State laws and general accounting practices. The employee’s supervisor reports vacation usage on the Exempt Employee Absence Report, which must be turned into payroll by the 5th of each month to reflect vacation, accrued and used in the previous month. Late or inaccurate reporting of vacation leave will be considered a negative performance issue.
  8. Upon termination, all accrued but unused vacation, up to the maximum, will be paid out on the final paycheck.

Approved by the Executive Council, March 1, 1991.
Revised on September 1, 1998.
Revised on May 31, 2002.

HR Policies

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