Pay Advances

Lewis & Clark College provides on demand, off cycle pay advances to employees upon employee request, in accordance with the procedures and stipulations identified.

Employees requesting a pay advance are entering into an agreement with the College, agreeing to repay the pay advance and authorizing withholding of the pay advance from their next regular paycheck.

Pay advances will be processed within three business days of receipt of the request; however, because of the need to individually process pay advance requests, the payment of advances may be delayed if a significant number of requests are received in a particular week.

An employee can request and receive only one pay advance per month and no more than four advances per year. Pay advances are generally limited to 50% of an employee’s customary monthly net pay.

Payment will be issued in the same manner as the employee’s regular paychecks (i.e. direct deposit, physical check). Physical checks will be mailed to the address on file in Workday.
Taxes will not be withheld on pay advances. Taxes, in addition to the advanced amount, will be withheld from the employees’ next regular paycheck.

Pay Advance Request Form



(This amended policy is adopted July 1, 2022)