Short-Term Disability

Purpose: To provide benefit eligible employees with protection against income loss as a result of extended illness or injury in coordination with the College's long-term disability policy.

Policy Statement: Administrative exempt staff scheduled to work a minimum of 30 hours per week on a regular (not temporary) basis are eligible for short-term disability pay from the College.


1. Upon hire, benefit eligible staff will receive a benefits summary containing information about benefit coverage of available short-term disability insurance plans and information on how to get assistance.

2. New employees will be provided an opportunity to attend a benefits orientation session in which the short-term disability insurance plan and other related information will be presented.

3. Short-term disability payments are made by the College in the form of salary continuance. Available sick leave pay and vacation pay will be included as part of short-term disability payments.

4. Newly hired administrative staff become eligible for the benefit on the first of the month following date of hire.

5. Disability is defined as being unable to perform with reasonable continuity the essential duties of the employee's own occupation or a comparable position for which the employee is qualified by reason of education, training, or experience. Disability must be caused by accidental injury or illness requiring ongoing physician's care.

6. The benefit-waiting period is the first 22 workdays from the date disability begins.

7. Benefits are payable beginning the later of 23 working days or when all available sick and vacation time has been exhausted. Benefits will cease upon the date the disability ends, the return to work date, or at 180 days (including the 22 day waiting period), whichever comes first.

8. In cases of disability related to pregnancy, a birth mother may qualify under this policy for salary continuation for a period of disability shortly before and typically 6-8 weeks after the birth of a child, if medically necessary.

9. Upon expiration of one period of disability, an employee must to return to work for at least a week to be eligible for a new period of disability. Each different disability requires a new 22 work day waiting period.

10. The following conditions are excluded:

  • Disability due to an injury or illness for which payment is made or available through workers' compensation or any similar law.

11. Requests for short term disability payments are made in writing to the supervisor with a copy to Human Resources for approval. The employee should provide Human Resources with a Physicians Certification Form required for leave approval under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA).

12. If possible, with physician's approval, staff may be expected to perform the duties of a modified position description.

13. The employee must intend to return to work following the period of disability. A Fitness for Duty Form must be completed by the physician and received by Human Resources prior to the employee returning to work.

14. Medical, dental, life and disability insurance and (TIAA-CREF) retirement contributions will continue as provided for under the policies and as required by law. The employee will be responsible for his/her portion of the premiums.

Approved by the Executive Council, September 1, 1992.
Revised on May 31, 2002.
Revised on March 31, 2005.
Revised on June 4, 2008.