Sick Leave for Non-Exempt Support Staff

Purpose: To provide eligible employees with protection against income loss as a result of illness or injury requiring time away from work.

Policy Statement: Nonexempt support staff are entitled to paid sick leave as provided in the bargaining agreements.


  1. Support staff accrue and may access paid sick leave in accordance with the terms of the bargaining agreements.
  2. Sick leave is available to cover time loss due to injury or illness and is not payable upon termination.
  3. Nonexempt staff who do not use any sick leave during one year, counted from employment anniversary date, will receive an additional personal day to be used in the next year.
  4. Staff using sick leave shall notify their supervisor as soon as possible, but not later than the beginning of the workday.
  5. Absences due to injury or illness that exceed sick leave shall be charged to vacation before placing an employee in unpaid status.
  6. The College may request a physician's statement verifying the need for sick leave.
  7. Accrual and usage of sick leave is reported on monthly timesheets which are reviewed and approved by the employee's supervisor.

Approved by the President's Cabinet, April 28, 1993.
Revised on May 31, 2002.