Vacation for Non-Exempt Support Staff

Purpose: To provide support staff with paid time off for rest and relaxation or to attend to personal circumstances that necessitate an absence from work.

Policy Statement: The College believes that periodic breaks from work benefit the health and well being of its employees. Nonexempt employees accrue vacation according to the terms of their bargaining agreements. Vacation accruals are a vested benefit; terminating employees will have accrued but unused vacation paid out in the final paycheck.


  1. All nonexempt employees are subject to vacation accrual and usage procedures outlined in the bargaining agreements.
  2. Vacation only accrues in those months in which a full time employee receives compensation for at least 75 hours of work or paid time off. The level for part time employees will be prorated against the normal full time workload.
  3. Vacation usage must be approved in advance by the employee's supervisor, taking into consideration the needs of the department and vacation requests made by other employees in the department. If a number of employees request the same vacation time, the supervisor may allow seniority to determine priority for the requested period.
  4. Vacation accrual is tracked and vacation usage is reported on monthly timesheets which are reviewed and approved by the employee's supervisor.
  5. Upon termination all accrued but unused vacation, up to the maximum, will be paid out on the final paycheck.

Approved by the Executive Council, April 28, 1993.
Revised on May 31, 2002.