September 29, 2021

Call for Illustrators

PubCom needs illustrators who know and love Lewis & Clark!
  • Call of L&C illustrators: When PubCom needs an illustrator, would you like to be considered? We’ll pay you for your talent. 

PubCom needs illustrators who know and love Lewis & Clark!

Our job is to demonstrate to people outside of our community what makes Lewis & Clark so special. We do this through words, photography, and art, and we’d love to incorporate more illustration from students, faculty, staff, and alumni into our work.

If you are interested in having your illustrations considered for use in things like holiday cards, stickers designs, annual giving appeals, notecards, the website, and other places, please submit your portfolio to our art director Amy Drill ( for review. We’re looking for all styles and formats, as long as you can deliver final art to us in digital form.

To be clear: we’re not asking for a favor. We’ll pay you for your talent. If your style matches our needs for a project, we’ll reach out to discuss the scope and your rates.

We look forward to reviewing your portfolio!