Develop a Social Media Strategy

Ask yourself these questions when creating or maintaining a social media account:

  • What target audience are you trying to reach?
    • Students (prospective, current, international)
    • Lewis & Clark faculty and staff
    • External stakeholders (alumni, donors, media, community partners, government officials)
    • Parents/guardians/families (prospective and current)
    • General public
  • What social media platform would be the most effective for reaching your target audience?
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • TikTok
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Other
  • What type or types of content will you share?
    • News and updates
    • Events and networking information
    • Photographs
    • Videos
  • Is there an existing institutional account that could help you achieve your goals and objectives?
  • If a new account is required, who will establish it?
  • Who will maintain your account?
    • How often will you post and update your content? Does your office or department generate enough content to share something at least once a week?
    • Is there a need to communicate with your audience throughout the year, or is your need time-specific?

The Office of Communications is happy to help you find the answers to any of these questions. Reach out to Digital Media Manager Devan Freeman to chat!