One Institution, Three Schools

Lewis & Clark Institutional Flowchart Lewis & Clark Institutional Flowchart

Unlike many institutions with multiple schools, Lewis & Clark doesn’t have the word University in its name. So, if you mean to talk about our institution as a whole, Lewis & Clark is the way to go.

In all but certain legal documents, we suggest you use Lewis & Clark College to refer only to our undergraduate school, the College of Arts and Sciences. Remember, though, that college often implies preparatory or high school to international audiences, so if your communication is headed overseas, using Lewis & Clark might make more sense.

If it won’t cause confusion for your audience, you can also use Lewis & Clark as a synonym for the name of any of our individual schools.

One thing you should always do is use the ampersand (&) in the institution’s name. It’s Lewis & Clark, not Lewis and Clark. For more information, visit the Lewis & Clark Style Guide.