For more information about our services, contact Stacey Kim or Amy Drill.

As stewards of Lewis & Clark’s editorial and visual identity, we work on communications for the institution’s most important external audiences. We edit, write, and design print publications, email campaigns, advertisements, and more. And we provide resources to help others on campus in their own communication efforts.

Whether your project falls within our scope or not, we can help! Our Project Worksheet is a useful tool to help you answer critical questions about your communications needs. We also offer visual identity information, tools for writing about Lewis & Clark, templates, and consultations.

When we take on a print project, we guide it from conception to delivery from the printer. Our process includes the following:

  • Editing. We will make sure your text is structurally and stylistically sound, grammatically correct, and persuasive.
  • Design. We will develop a visual presentation that is both compelling and cost-effective.
  • Print coordination. We maintain relationships with numerous top-quality printers. We’ll make sure you get a great product at a competitive price.
  • Photos and illustrations. We maintain a library of visuals that may be appropriate for your publication. We’ll work with you to select images that reinforce your messages. Or, we can discuss coordinating a photo shoot. Learn more about photography guidelines.
  • Quality checks. We inspect the print quality of all projects we produce as they arrive at our office.
  • Delivery coordination. On arrival of your finished publication, we send a delivery request to Mail Services that details your distribution needs. We can also work with printers to have items delivered directly to the mail house of your choice. (Our office does not coordinate mailings for print projects.)

All print publications require copyright and nondiscrimination notices.