Lewis & Clark Paid Leave Program

Effective September 3, 2023, paid leave will be available for eligible Lewis & Clark employees as described in our Lewis & Clark Paid Leave Program (our Paid Leave Oregon / PLO equivalent plan). The program covers all employees of Lewis & Clark except for student employees.

The program does not replace any existing leave programs, such as the Oregon Family Medical Leave Act (OFLA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), or Oregon Sick Leave. When a request for paid leave also qualifies as leave protected under OFLA and/or FMLA, those leaves will run concurrently.

Benefit Eligibility

All covered employees (faculty and staff) who have earned a minimum of $1,000 in gross wages during the previous year, and experience a qualifying event, will be considered eligible for benefits provided under the program.

Types of Leave

The program will provide coverage for the following types of leave:

  1. Parental Leave to bond with a newborn child within the first twelve (12) months after birth, adoption, or foster placement.
    1. An additional period of leave limited to two (2) weeks may be granted for injury, illness, or other conditions relating to pregnancy and childbirth (regardless of gender).
  2. Medical Leave due to your own serious health condition.
  3. Family Leave to care for a family member experiencing a serious health condition.
  4. Safe Leave to seek medical, legal, or law enforcement assistance due to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or harassment.

If an employee is unsure whether their situation may qualify for paid leave under the program, they should contact the Lewis & Clark human resources team for assistance.

Requests for paid leave benefits may be submitted to human resources up to four (4) months in advance of the anticipated leave start date. When the need for leave is not known in advance of the leave start date, employees may submit their request for leave up to three (3) business days after the start of leave. If the employee is incapacitated or otherwise unable to contact the college, a family member may submit the request for paid leave benefits on their behalf. For safe leave, employees should provide reasonable advance notice unless doing so is not feasible.

Leave of Absence Request Form

Verification of Eligibility

Employees requesting paid leave benefits will be required to submit documentation confirming the need for leave. To apply please email hr@lclark.edu for instructions. 

Paid Leave Benefits

Employees will be provided with up to twelve (12) weeks of paid leave per benefit year in any combination of family, medical, or safe leave. An additional two (2) weeks of paid leave will be provided for limitations related to pregnancy.

Paid Leave may be taken in increments equal to one workday. Employees may take leave in a consecutive block of time or intermittently as non-consecutive periods.

Benefit Amounts

Lewis & Clark will calculate an employee’s benefit based on the employee’s current base salary.

  • Benefit Eligible Employees: 100% of income replacement of base salary including the college’s 9% contribution to retirement.
  • All Other Eligible Employees (amount is dependent on the employee’s average weekly wage prior to the start of the benefit year*):
    • Tier One: 100% of income replacement up to $1,250 per week
    • Tier Two: 100% of income replacement up to $1,250 per week + 50% above $1,250 for a maximum weekly benefit of $1,875

Benefit Payments

Benefit payments will be made through Workday.

  • Both employees and employers make contributions to Paid Leave Oregon, in accordance with state guidelines, for a combined 1% of gross earnings.
  • Deductions will begin in September (participants in the state plan have been contributing since January 2023).
    • Lewis & Clark will pay 40% of the total 1% contribution rate
    • Employees will pay 60% of the total 1% contribution rate (which equates to $6 per $1,000 of earnings)

Approval Process

A representative of the Lewis & Clark Office of Human Resources team will review all requests for paid leave under the plan and make a determination based on the facts available as to whether the request is approved or denied. Additional information and/or documentation may be requested if deemed necessary to establish facts relating to eligibility or qualification for benefits.

  • Leave of Absence Request Form
  • Employees have ten (10) calendar days from the date of a request for additional information to respond to such a request or a determination will be made based on the facts available.

Upon approval of a request for paid leave, the employee will be provided with a Notice of Approval and Designation of Leave form which will include the amount of paid leave available, the benefit amount, and the benefit plan year start and end dates.

An employee may request a review of the initial determination if they disagree with the results. Requests for an appeal review must be submitted in writing, either via hard copy or electronically, to the associate director of human resources within twenty (20) calendar days from the date of the initial written determination.

No Discrimination

Lewis & Clark College will not discriminate or retaliate against any employee for inquiring about, requesting, or taking leave pursuant to Paid Leave Oregon.

Additional Information

Employees who have unanswered questions regarding leave should contact the Lewis & Clark Office of Human Resources for assistance by emailing hr@lclark.edu.