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Human Resources

Supervisor Rights & Responsibilities

As a supervisor of student employees at Lewis & Clark, you have the right to:
  1. Expect quality work from your student worker.
  2. Inform your student employee of any unsatisfactory work performance.
  3. Terminate your student worker with proper documentation and after discussing the reasons with him/her.
  4. Be informed by Student Employment of the requirements of the Federal Work-Study and Lewis & Clark Work-Study programs.
  5. Expect your student worker to follow the work schedule you have agreed upon.
  6. Require confidentiality from your student worker.
  7. Expect your student worker to follow any particular requirements of your office or department, including signing confidentiality agreements.
As a supervisor of student employees at Lewis & Clark, you have the responsibility to:
  1. Explain the duties and responsibilities of the job to your student employee and provide a job description.
  2. Continually evaluate and monitor the student’s work performance
     and provide them with constructive feedback
  3. Provide the student with the tools necessary for performing the work assigned (training, materials, etc.).
  4. Submit any documents or paperwork needed in order for the student to be hired and paid correctly and on time.
  5. Monitor the student’s hours and earnings to ensure that he/she does not earn more than the work study allocation.
  6. Verify the accuracy of your student’s time entry before approving it and submitting it through Workday on time.
  7. Treat your student employees as professionals to prepare them for their future careers.