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Human Resources

Guidelines for Resolving Problems


If student employees do not perform in a satisfactory manner, it is recommended that the following procedures be followed:

  •  A conference between students and supervisors should be conducted to inform the students about the problem, to provide suggestions for improvement, and to agree upon a timeline for improvement.
  •  If by the agreed upon date there is little or no improvement, supervisors may terminate students’ employment.
  •  If students’ employment is terminated, supervisors should notify Student Employment so the position can be ended in Workday.
  •  In some cases, departments may terminate students’ employment without following the suggested procedures above, depending upon the seriousness of the infraction.
  •  Supervisors who are experiencing difficulties with students are encouraged to consult with Student Employment before any action is taken.


A student employee is technically considered a “temporary part-time” employee and is thus not entitled to the same benefits as a full-time staff person. However, student employees should be treated fairly and courteously. If a student is unreliable or does not handle the assigned duties responsibly, it may be necessary to terminate the student for unsatisfactory performance. In most cases, the following progressive discipline guidelines are suggested in handling unsatisfactory performance.

Verbal Warning

Speak with the student and express specific reasons (with examples) for dissatisfaction. Suggest solutions. Establish a time frame for improved performance.

Written Warning

If the poor performance continues past the time established in the verbal warning, repeat the verbal warning and follow it with a written statement documenting the situation and a new time frame. Students need to understand what is expected of them and the consequences of continued poor performance.


If the student’s performance still does not improve within the specified time frame, the supervisor should consider terminating the student’s employment. Notice of dismissal should be in writing, addressed to the student, and may be accompanied by a verbal discussion.

Immediate termination of a student employee is appropriate for gross misconduct, including actions threatening the safety of others, malicious use or theft of College property, actions that are inconsistent with directions received and falsification and/or forgery on time sheets and on other College documents.