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Required Paperwork


All student employment paperwork MUST be completed before you begin working!


In order to comply with U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service regulations, all students must complete an I-9 form by the first day of work. Students complete the form in the Human Resources office. Failure to have a completed I-9 form on file with the College will result in the student’s immediate removal from working on campus. In order to complete the I-9, you will need to provide proof that you are eligible to work in the U.S in accordance with the Department of U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Examples of acceptable documents needed to complete an I-9:

  •  Passport
  •  Driver’s license/College ID AND Social Security card
  •  Driver’s license/College ID AND a certified copy of your birth certificate


This form provides tax status information so that the College can withhold the correct amount of Federal income tax from your pay. The form is provided by the US Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service and hard copies are available in the Human Resources office. If a W-4 form is not on file in the Business Office, the standard deduction will be single/zero exemptions.

Direct Deposit Form

You can have your monthly wages directly deposited into your domestic savings or checking account. You will need a voided check or deposit slip. You must complete the Direct Deposit form (available in the Human Resources office or here), and submit it to us by the 25th of the month that you wish to have direct deposit begin.

Human Resources

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