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Human Resources

Student Employee Rights & Responsibilities

As a student employee at Lewis & Clark you have the right to:
  1. Be treated fairly and equitably by the College.
  2. Know what is expected of you concerning your work schedule, actual duties, and any other requirements made by the supervisor.
  3. Be informed about your work performance through verbal communication with your supervisor and/or through student employee performance evaluations.
  4. Receive an explanation if you are terminated.
  5. Use your campus jobs as references for future employers and/or credit institutions.
As a student employee at Lewis & Clark you have the responsibility to:
  1. Maintain high standards of behavior on the job that reflect well on both you and the College.
  2. Perform assigned duties promptly and competently, and to ask for assistance when you need more information.
  3. Report actual hours worked in Workday and submit them for Student Supervisor approval on a timely basis.
  4. Abide by the rules, regulations and policies of the College and the office or department in which you work.
  5. Adhere to your designated work schedule. All missed work shifts should be communicated to your supervisor and confirmed in advance.
  6. Maintain half-time enrollment eligibility requirements for working on-campus.
  7. Act in a professional manner concerning all aspects of your work.
  8. Treat your coworkers and supervisors with respect and consideration.
  9. Follow department rules concerning appropriate dress, use of office equipment and supplies, use of phones and computers, etc.
  10. Complete job duties as assigned and requested, and not conduct personal activities (homework, e-mail, phone calls, web use, etc.) unless first approved by your supervisor.
  11. Maintain confidentiality regarding any confidential information revealed during the course of your employment. Such areas would include, but are limited to, student records and financial information. A breach of such confidentiality or any act of dishonesty is just cause for immediate dismissal from your position. Depending on the nature of such an offense, you may be permanently dismissed from student employment eligibility.

Human Resources

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