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Weekly Wellness - Increased Limits for Retirement Savings

January 29, 2018

Prepare your Retirement Savings for 2018

IRS has increased the annual limits for retirement savings

Employee 403(b) contributions for 2018 will top off at $18,500—a $500 increase from 2017. For participants ages 50 and over, the additional “catch-up” contribution limit will stay at $6,000. Change your Retirement Elections by following these quick steps in Workday.

Consider re-balancing your retirement investments

An important part of handling your investments is taking a look at your investment mix (or portfolio) once in a while to see if it’s still invested the way you want. If not, it may need to be rebalanced. To rebalance means to change the portion of your investments in various categories back to your intended percentage allocation.

Rebalancing can help keep your portfolio on track. You sell some of your investments that have become overweighted and buy investments that are now underweighted. The result it is an investment mix that is back in line with your risk comfort level. While rebalancing does not guarantee you won’t lose money, it can help keep you on track toward your investing goals, while helping to smooth out the ups and downs over time.

Learn more in this article from TIAA.


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