December 01, 2023

Are Your Personal Records Up To Date?

Keeping your personal records up-to-date is important. It not only makes your life easier but also helps us be most effective. Please take a moment today to complete your Workday inbox tasks to audit and update your details.

Personal information isn’t just about your name and phone number. It covers a variety of details that can change throughout your life like emergency contacts, mailing address, gender, and disabilities. Including your personal email can be helpful for password resets and keeping your work accounts secure.

Here’s why all of this matters:

Staying Connected: Accurate personal information ensures that we can reach you when we need to. Whether it’s about your job or an emergency, it’s vital that we have the right contact info, including your personal email.

Getting the Support You Need: By updating your disability details, you’re helping the college better understand the overall need of the L&C community. You’re contributing to a more inclusive workplace where everyone’s unique needs are recognized and respected. Any employee that feels they need ADA accommodation should contact

Keeping Things Running Smoothly: Accurate records mean we can run efficiently. From paying you correctly to keeping your data secure, it’s all connected.

Keeping your personal records updated is like having a well-oiled machine. It makes life easier for you and helps keep things running smoothly. Your contributions to this process help create a workplace that works for everyone.