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Human Resources

Vacation Pay

Lewis & Clark recognizes the value of time away from work for the purposes of rest, relaxation, or personal emergencies. 

Salary Employees (Exempt)


Hourly Employees (Non-Exempt)

Subject to collective bargaining and accrues on an hourly basis. Maximum accrual is 24 days



Vacation may not be taken prior to earning it and must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor, taking into consideration the needs of the department and vacation requests made by other employees in the department. If a number of employees request the same vacation time, the supervisor makes the final decision.

Absence from work not covered by sick leave or Workers’ Compensation will be charged to vacation before you are placed on time off without pay.  Vacation accruals are a vested benefit; upon termination all accrued but unused vacation, up to the maximum, will be paid out on the final paycheck.