Sample Graduate School Financial Aid Offers

for incoming graduate students

Financial aid offers are prepared based on a student’s program of study and the typical enrollment pattern in that degree program. They are designed to provide resources for tuition as well as modest allowances for living expenses (food and housing), books and supplies, transportation, personal expenses, loan fees, and professional licensing expenses (if incurred while enrolled). Together these expenses make up the Cost of Attendance.

The sample financial aid offers shown below are for informational purposes only and they are typical for first-year graduate students in the 2024-25 academic year when tuition is $1,100 per credit. Students should expect a minimal tuition increase every Summer semester when the new academic year begins; other components of the Cost of Attendance are also subject to change. Complete cost information is posted on the Student and Departmental Account Services website.

Please note that external resources must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. Receipt of external resources or Lewis & Clark scholarships will result in a dollar-for-dollar decrease in federal student loan eligibility.

A FAFSA is required to be considered for federal financial aid and students must reapply annually. Those with a valid FAFSA who meet the basic eligibility criteria can expect to receive a financial aid offer that fully covers their Cost of Attendance.

* The Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan is a credit-qualified loan. Students must meet the credit-qualification standards or apply with a credit-worthy endorser in order to receive the loan. The amount included on the financial aid offer is the maximum a student may borrow should they apply for the loan and be approved.