Financial Aid Information

A private, liberal arts education is often more affordable than you think. Our financial aid program creates solutions to serve students from diverse economic backgrounds.


Within six months of graduation, 96% of the Lewis & Clark Class of 2020 was already changing the world through employment (72%) and continuing studies (24%).


Lewis & Clark’s 4-5-6 Commitment can help you make the most of your future.


Ninety-seven percent of L&C undergraduates receive some form of financial assistance.

4 in 5

Four Lewis & Clark graduates have been named Rhodes Scholar finalists in the last five years.


We’re on Newsweek’s list of “50 Best Colleges in Big Cities.”

  • The generous merit aid package I received made me feel like L&C was investing in me, so now I make good on that investment by engaging with my classes and organizing student projects.

    Mateo Kaiser BA ’23

  • Even in his first year, his professors have already started to lay the groundwork for life after college—presenting rigorous, relevant coursework, and encouraging group collaboration along with valuing his own opinions and voice.

    Heather Gersh, parent to Miles Gersh BA ’25

Costs 2022–23

  • Tuition and fees: $59,684
  • Room (double occupancy): $8,186
  • Board (14-meal flex plan): $6,198
  • Books, transportation, and personal expenses (estimate): $3,102
  • Health insurance: $3,721/year; waiver available

Applying for Financial Aid

In order to determine eligibility for need-based aid, you must fill out the FAFSA.

Lewis & Clark Federal School Code



Payment Plan

We offer a payment plan that allows you to split each semester’s payment into five monthly installments, for a total of 10 payments over the course of the year.

Net Price Calculator

Even before you submit your forms, you can get an idea of what it might cost to attend Lewis & Clark by using our net price calculator. This tool helps you estimate what financial aid might be available.

Direct Cost Estimator

This tool helps you estimate what your direct (out-of-pocket) costs will be after financial aid.

Secure Document Upload Portals

Secure portal to upload and send files to our office.

Types of Aid

Scholarships and Grants

These awards do not require repayment upon graduation.

Lewis & Clark Merit-Based Scholarships

We offer a variety of scholarships based on academic excellence. All applicants are automatically considered for these awards.

Need-Based Scholarships and Grants

These awards—which come from Lewis & Clark, federal, or state sources—are based on financial need.

Lewis & Clark Performance-Based Scholarships

These awards are available in entrepreneurship, speech and debate, and music.

On-Campus Student Employment

Both need-based and non-need-based awards are available.

External Scholarships

These are scholarships or awards from an organization other than Lewis & Clark.


Federal Student Loan Programs

The loans offer some advantages:

  • Low interest rates
  • Deferred interest on some types of loans
  • Both need-based and non-need-based options

Federal Direct PLUS Loans

These loans are available to the parent of a dependent undergraduate student enrolled at least half-time.

Private Loans

These loans are designed to meet costs not covered by other forms of financial aid. Students are encouraged to pursue federal student loans (if eligible) and outside scholarships before applying for private student loans.