Responding to Changes

The FAFSA Application requires you to report 2-year old income information. If your financial circumstances have changed, this information may no longer reflect your current resources or ability to pay for college expenses.

In cases where this change is both involuntary in nature and substantial in impact, we may be able to consider more current information to determine eligibility.

Extenuating Circumstances We May Consider

Click your scenario from the list below to review detailed information about requesting a review of your special circumstances. Please submit documentation to our office.

What We Cannot Consider

  • Private elementary or secondary school tuition unless required because of disabilities or medical conditions.
  • Potential reductions in income due to voluntary retirement, financial support to people outside of your household, lost overtime, or fluctuating commissions/bonus.
  • Consumer debt expenses such as credit cards or car payments.
  • Refusal of a parent to provide financial support.

[Document Submission]

To submit appeal documents and documents for special circumstances review, you can do so via fax, U.S. postal mail, or by uploading online it to one of our secured portals:

New Undergraduate Student Portal All Other Students - Financial Aid Portal