Law Student Rights & Responsibilities

Financial aid recipients have the right to know the following:
  • What financial aid programs are available to Lewis & Clark students and the priority application deadlines to be considered for this assistance.
  • The method used to determine financial need.
  • How and when financial aid will be disbursed.
  • How Lewis & Clark determines a student is making satisfactory academic progress for the purpose of remaining eligible to receive financial aid, and what happens if standards are not met.
  • The appeal procedure regarding financial aid issues.
  • How the student employment program is administered at Lewis & Clark, including how and when the student will be paid.
  • What portion of the financial aid offered is in the form of loan(s) and must be repaid.
  • Borrowers have the right to know the interest rate, the total amount that must be repaid, the repayment procedures as well as the length of the repayment period and when it begins.
  • The policies for refund of charges and return of financial aid funds in the case of complete withdrawal from the College.
  • The College reserves the right to adjust financial aid awards if federal and/or state funding for aid programs falls short of anticipated levels.
Financial aid recipients have the following responsibilities:
  • Maintain at least half-time student status.
  • Remain in Good Academic Standing as described in the College catalog and monitored by the Registrar.
  • Make satisfactory academic progress toward a law degree as defined in the satisfactory academic progress policy for financial aid.
  • Notify our office immediately of the receipt of other assistance including external resources and other educational benefits for the academic year. Such assistance must be taken into consideration in determining eligibility for federal loan and work programs.
  • Notify our office of changes in marital or enrollment status which may result in a revision to eligibility for financial aid.
  • Provide documents upon request to validate the information provided on the financial aid application. This is commonly referred to as “verification” and provides confirmation that a student’s eligibility for financial aid is being determined using accurate information.
  • Secure a job and work the number of hours necessary to earn the amount of Federal Work-Study (FWS) offered if so desired. An offer of FWS is not a guarantee of employment.
  • Complete the process for securing any loan funds offered if it is determined that the funds are needed.
  • Repay loan funds received in accordance with the terms of the respective loan program.
  • Pay on-time — All college charges not covered by financial aid.
  • Reapply for financial aid each year by the priority filing date of March 1, using the FAFSA.