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The Apple iPad has the potential to change how faculty interact with technology for the purpose of teaching.  With the small size and touch screen, iPads can be more flexible in a classroom setting than a laptop.  With the plethora of apps (short for applications) being created for the iPad, there is tremendous potential for how this new technology can be used to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Information Technology and Watzek Library were funded to explore this potential by putting iPads in the hands of faculty across all three campuses and then partnering with these faculty to explore innovative ways they can incorporate the iPads into their teaching and learning process.

The initial iPads in Education process awarded 15 iPads.  These iPads went to the following individuals: 

  • Cecilia Benenati, Instructor in Spanish
  • Andrae Brown, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology
  • Ken Clifton, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Bob Goldman, Professor of Sociology
  • Daena Goldsmith, Professor of Rhetoric & Media Studies
  • Greg Hermann, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Rob Kugler, Paul S. Wright Professor
  • Lydia Loren, Professor of Law
  • Erica Lyman, Clinical Professor & Acting Director of IELP
  • Dawn Montgomery, Assistant Professor of Educational Administration
  • Michael Olich, Associate Professor of Theatre
  • Ellen Seljan, Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Stepan Simek, Associate Professor of Theatre
  • Stephen Tufte, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Ted Vogel, Associate Professor of Art

The second phase of iPads in Education awarded 6 iPads.  These iPads went to the following individuals:

  • Kasi Allen, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Jennifer Hubbert, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Jim Proctor, Professor of Environmental Studies
  • Erin Ryan, Associate Professor of Law
  • Bryan Sebok, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Media Studies
  • Joe Yuska, Director of College Outdoors 


We are now accepting applications for the second and final round of the iPads in Education program, during which 5 iPads will be awarded.  Interested faculty from the CAS, Grad School and Law School should submit a proposal detailing the following:

  • The courses in which you anticipate using an iPad.
  • How you believe an iPad could add value in these courses.
  • The type of Apps you are interested in trying.
  • Your agreement to meet the expectations outlined below.


Faculty who received an iPad in Education award received the following:

  • An iPad 2 or 3, 16GB, WiFi.  After the expectations above are met, the iPad will be fully owned by the faculty member.  If the expectations are not met, then the ownership will revert to Information Technology.
  • a $50 iTunes card for the purchase of Apps to be used on the iPad.
  • An Apple VGA Adapter for connecting the iPad to campus projectors.


Faculty who received an iPad through the iPads in Education initiative should expect to participate in the program in the following ways:

  • Faculty agree to use the iPad in at least one class, overseas program or sabbatical project for three consecutive semesters (excluding summer). 
  • Faculty agree to post to a blog at least once a month to provide feedback on their experiences with the iPad.  This can include both applications that were tried and situations in which the iPad was used.  Both positive and negative feedback will be welcomed.  This blog will be publicly available for both the L&C community and those outside the L&C community.
  • Faculty will complete a survey at the end of each of their three semesters providing formal feedback of their experience using the iPad.

Please send any questions regarding the program and the application process to

Information Technology

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