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We will begin reviewing proposals and selecting recipients on Wednesday, May 15th.



While we have explored the use of iPads into the hands of faculty in the classroom, we now want to explore putting mobile devices into the hands of the students for class and project use. Faculty or Faculty/Student teams can apply for a single mobile device or a set of mobile devices to be used for a class or project.  They will have the use of these devices for one semester, or for longer if a project warrants.

It is still unknown of the role that mobile devices, such as Apple’s iPad, will play in the classroom.  Studies in K-12 show that the use of iPads in the classroom increase both literacy and math scores ( and There is also much discussion about their ability to add interactivity to a class, making it far more participatory and addressing the needs of kinesthetic students. 

Last year, we put iPads in the hands of faculty for them to explore how they could use them to enhance the teaching and learning process.  They used them in many ways from classroom management to fieldwork.  They also used it collaboratively with students in the field, the lab, the classroom and their office.  Their experiences are documented on the L&C iPads in Education blog. 

With the success of the faculty program, it is now time to expand this exploration by putting mobile devices in the hands of students.  We would like to solicit proposals from faculty and students for the use of 1-15 mobile devices (iPads, Kindle Fires, Google Nexus, iPod Touches, to name a few) for specific class, overseas program or project purposes.  These will be used for a specific amount of time, usually a semester, specified as part of the request.  At the end of this time, they will be returned to Information Technology, to be requested and used by other courses/projects.  Requests for the equipment will be ongoing.


To apply for the use of mobile devices, interested individuals will be asked to email a proposal to Kelly Wainwright ( detailing the following.

  • A project description identifying how you wish to use the mobile devices.
  • Which mobile device you would like to use.  Note: the initial proposals will have more flexibility in this choice.  Once the initial devices have been purchased, devices in our inventory will restrict subsequent proposals.
  • The number of devices that would be optimal for your course/project.
  • The duration of your course/project.
  • The type of Apps you are interested in trying.
  • Your agreement to meet the expectations outlined below.


Those who receive the use of mobile devices though this process will be expected to submit a report reflecting on:

  • How the mobile devices were used
  • How successful they were in comparison to alternative methods, what apps and peripherals were found to be useful
  • An overall discussion of how the use of the mobile devices changed your approach.  

Recipients must also be willing, if asked, to share their experiences as the annual Faculty Technology Showcase.

 Participants are also invited to contribute to the iPads in Education blog sharing their experiences on a more casual level.

  • All systems are up and functioning.

  • Apple has recently released their new operating system for iMacs called Mojave.  Until we’ve had a chance to run the new OS through our vetting process, we would strongly encourage you to hold off upgrading your computers for the time being.  We will let you know once we feel confident that our network, tools and software will work properly with Mojave. 

  • Departmental printing is now being handled by the Lewis & Clark Print Center.  The Print Center is happy to take care of your print requests!  Give them a call at x7768 for assistance.

  • The IT Service Desk has implemented a phone tree to better service the campus community.  Please listen to the new prompts the next time you call x7225.

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Information Technology

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