Cell Phone


The institution does not provide cellular devices for employees except for shared devices as described later in this policy. However Lewis & Clark College recognizes that cellular devices are often necessary and efficient for conducting institutional business.

This policy is designed to allow the institution to establish procedures for the subsidization of cellular devices and monthly service plans for employees using their personal cellular device to conduct institutional business.

Cellular devices are defined as cell phones for voice calls only and integrated cell devices for voice and data (i.e. email, Internet, calendar, etc.) also referred to as smart phones, web enabled phones or PDA (personal digital assistant).

This policy applies to all full-time, part-time and seasonal employees that must have a cellular device to effectively perform their work.

II. Policy

Lewis & Clark College requires authorization, annually, for subsidizing costs for a cellular device and associated service plan(s). Authorization must be guided by a legitimate business purpose and approved by the responsible executive officer or designee. Business purpose is established by the following criteria:

  • The employee is responsible for emergency institutional matters where they must be available or,
  • The employee does not have access to a landline phone or other communication device when doing a substantial portion of his/her job or,
  • The use of other less expensive communication devices does not serve as a viable alternative to the business purpose or,
  • The employee’s job effectiveness will show a significant increase through the use of a cellular device or,
  • A group of employees have the need for group or shared devices for purposes such as rotating on-call contact.
  • The responsible executive officer determines other legitimate business needs that cannot be served by less costly communication devices. Such purposes must be explicitly stated as part of the approval process.

Departments must consider other viable options such as landline, pager or other less expensive communication devices when evaluating need for a cellular device. Employees are required to complete a form identifying legitimate business purpose and receive signature approval from the appropriate executive officer annually.

When a legitimate business purpose has been established, employees whose base salary is below $100,000 will receive a monthly stipend ($20 for a voiceonly plan, $40 for a voice and data plan, and $7 for a text messaging plan (if necessary)).

If it is determined that a smart/web-enabled phone (with voice and data plan) is necessary for institutional business, the employee will also be eligible for reimbursement of 80% of the cost for a new or upgraded device once every three years. If the total cost of the device is over $200, the employee will be responsible for $40 plus any additional amount over $200.

An exception will be made for shared devices with approval from the responsible executive council member. With approval, a department may acquire a shared cellular device and associated services. The Department Head is responsible for maintaining a system to safeguard and ensure the appropriate use of these devices and services (i.e. no personal use).

III. Procedure

  1. To be eligible for a stipend towards an employee’s personal cellular device, the employee must demonstrate a legitimate business purpose. The request form for a stipend for a cellular device must be completed and signed by the employee and his/her direct supervisor.  Please download the form, open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader and complete the form online so that it can automatically calculate your stipend. Forms completed by hand will not be accepted.
  2. Approval must be authorized by the appropriate executive officer (or designee).
  3. The signed authorization form must be submitted to the Payroll office to set up the stipend.
  4. The form must be completed annually to demonstrate a continued legitimate business purpose.
  5. Changes to a service plan will require completion of a new cellular device authorization form and approval from the appropriate executive officer with immediate notification to the Payroll office.
  6. Cancellation of the service must be reported immediately to the Payroll office.

Please direct any questions to the Business office at busoffc@lclark.edu.