Status Change to Alumni


Lewis & Clark College recognizes that access to its computing resources and the Internet can be a valuable asset for alumni as they embark on a new career or continue their academic pursuits. The College therefore extends access privileges to its technology resources to graduates of the College of Arts & Sciences, the Graduate School of Education and Counseling and the Law School as outlined in the policy on Access to College Technology Resources.


Accounts for first year alumni remain active for one academic year. While all services remain available to alumni during this period, the server is neither intended nor equipped for long-term storage of information. Alumni are encouraged to transfer files to their final destination as soon as possible and remove them from this shared space.

A student's User ID and Password will remain unchanged.

It is the responsibility of the alumnus to download any files they wish to keep prior to being removed at the end of one year. Information Technology will attempt to contact alumni before their accounts are removed, but we assume no responsibility for data that is removed as a result of this process.

Alumni account users agree to abide by the Responsible Use of Technology Resources and other such policies governing the use of College technology resources.