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Information Technology

Budgeting Software Request



Project Stage: Planning

Project Summary: Implement migration from Excel to cloud-based budgeting software to support accurate and efficient budgeting processes.

Project Lead: Sara

Relevant changes following completion: Cloud-based budgeting software will replace current Excel processes.

Anticipated service disruptions: All staff involved in managing budgets will need to learn the new processes and software.

Additional considerations: Enterprise level software

Project Submitted: 5/4/2015

Project Initiation: 7/7/2015

Project Milestones:

  • Needs assessments 
  • Make software selection
  • map current budgeting processes
  • Implementation of new software, migration of data
  • End user training and communication (as needed)

Completed Project: A new budgeting solution is found and deployed.

Anticipated Quarter of Completion: Quarter 3

Executive Council Priority Tier: Tier 1


Last Updated: 10/02/2015