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Information Technology

Current Projects

Projects currently in progress include:



Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Project Health

Admissions CRM CAS


Admissions CRM GRAD


Budgeting Software Request


Cisco IOS Management Tool


Classroom Response System Refresh


Disaster Recovery Preparedness


Disaster Recovery Strategy Improvement


Electronic Door Locks


Emergency Notification


EMS Calendar Upgrade




Faculty Class Reports


Financial Aid Award - Web


Hardware Replace Internet Border Gateways


Identity Management


Image Now Phase II Deployment


LAW BOT - Virtualization


Maxient Phase II


Media Renewal Cycle for Labs


Miller 211 Remodel


SARA Application Completion


SignMyLoan Output Change


Systems Architecture Improvement


Video Playback/Hosting Standardization


Virtual Server Infrastructure


WebDisk Replacement/Improvement


PCI Physical Compliance




Hosted Solution for WWW


Search Engine Replacement


Informational Website


Bookstore handheld inventory/payments


Bon Appetit network


Digitizing paper-based Registrar’s forms 


Raiser’s Edge Import into GLIM


Student Success Planner


Collaboration Engine


Classroom of the future (L&C only)


Institutionally owned asset management


Alumni email forwarding


ODS Reporting


Cisco MSE (Mobility Services Engine)


HVAC Virtual Machine consolidation


VPN Migration




Completion Quarter 1 (June-August)


Completion Quarter 2 (September-November)


Completion Quarter 3 (December-February)


Completion Quarter 4 (March-May)


Completion as time allows



Project Health

Checkboxes Significance
  Resources Acquired/Budgeted 
  Plan in place/Project underway
  Completion Imminent

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