June 14, 2021

Zoombombing: How It Is Reported, How To Prevent It

How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Zoombomb -Said No One

“How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Zoombomb”

-Said No One

When someone publicly shares a Zoom meeting link online (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other Social Media) without the appropriate security features enabled, a warning message is sent via email to the meeting owner and Information Technology so that quick action can be taken to prevent Zoombombing on an unsecured meeting.

When this happens, I.T. will send an additional email to the meeting owner to let them know that their Zoom link is at risk and suggest steps to take. See this example:

Dear Zoom Meeting Owner,

Information Technology has been notified that your Zoom meeting linked below is at risk. Your immediate action is needed to prevent a Zoombombing incident in which your meeting could be hijacked by unauthorized individuals with the goal of disrupting your gathering.

Your Zoom meeting that has been flagged:

<<Zoom meeting link>>

In order to help mitigate the risk, please take the following steps to protect the security of your meeting.

    1. Cancel this meeting and let participants know that you will be sending out a new, secure meeting link.
    2. Remind participants not to share this meeting information on social media or with uninvited guests
    3. Create a new Zoom Meeting link - make sure this meeting is secured with a passcode and/or meeting room

Thank you for your prompt action to safeguard your upcoming Zoom meeting.


The IT Service Desk

Learn more about Zoom Security Preventative Actions you can take if you get Zoombombed. As always, if you could use a hand, contact edtech@lclark.edu for assistance.