August 25, 2021

WiFi Infrastructure Replacement Milestone - August 25, 2021

The Information Technology Infrastructure and Operations teams wanted to let the community know that we have reached the first major milestone of the project: The wireless infrastructure in the Residence Halls has been replaced and it is fully operational. We anticipate that our residents will quietly enjoy their WiFi experience and no longer suffer from signal or connection issues in their rooms.

A quick summary of the current status:

  • Hardware is installed and operational in the Residence Halls. Each room with a bed has received a wireless access point. However, about 30 rooms in the Apartments are occupied and we were not able to coordinate access to these spaces. Residents of these rooms can contact us at the Service Desk to request a time for installation.
  • The outgoing WiFi infrastructure, LC Wireless and LC Secure, has been turned off in the residence halls with the following exemptions:
    • Maggie’s Café
    • Administrative offices in Odell Hall
    • Administrative offices in East Hall
  • Hardware for the Academic and Administrative areas is expected to be delivered within the month. This doesn’t yet impact the planned timeline.

If you are in the area of the Residence Halls, check out our guide for getting connected to the PioNet-Resident and PioNet-Guest networks.

To read more about the project and see more timely updates, please visit the 2021 WiFi Infrastructure Replacement project page.